Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Navigation Courses

Each year, autumn sees an increase in people booking onto our navigation and map reading courses. We like to think that this is in preparation for winter where shorter days and the chance of poor weather can be more of a challenge if someone were to get misplaced in the mountains or on the moors. However the reality is that a significant number of people go out walking over the summer, enjoy it but get a bit lost. It’s this group that provide the majority of our autumn bookings.

Introduction to Moorland Navigation Course
Peak Navigation Courses provide a range of map reading courses and navigation courses from complete beginner to expert standard where people attend to refine or revise their skills. 

Our Introduction courses both start with around 1.5 hours spent in the classroom (Foolow Village Hall) which is then followed by a walk taking in a range of landscapes that includes both open moorland and fields.  Both Introductory courses teach the basics of navigating using a compass, the difference between the two being that one has slightly more challenging walking (involving steeper hills).

Night Navigation

Once the clocks change at the end of October we run night navigation (6.30pm till 10pm) sessions aimed at giving people confidence should they be caught in the mist or down late off the hills in winter. Navigating in the dark or in poor visibility requires a slightly different approach and much more precision by those doing the navigation. This course looks at those skills and strategies required. It goes without saying that the course is finished with a pint!

All of the courses are listed on the Peak Navigation Courses website and can be booked online. If you are uncertain about which course to book, you can always speak to us first.

Friday, 20 July 2012

A Summer of testing navigation!

The only good point about the British “Summer” that we have been experiencing is that it’s been testing the navigation skills of those visiting the moors and mountains. 

With all the low cloud, rain, drizzle and wind, visibility has been poor on more days than not. This is why it’s essential to know how to map read and navigate. Peak Navigation Courses provide a range of navigation training from the complete novice up to the expert wanting practice for undertaking Mountain Leader assessments.