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Navigation Course - Kinder Scout

Intermediate Navigation, Kinder Scout - 17th March Eight students with two instructors from Peak Navigation Courses navigated around the centre of Kinder Scout locating many features including 5 aircraft crash sites. The chosen ascent up to the Kinder Scout plateau was via Crowden Brook which gave some entertainment on the final scramble. Pacing, timing, back bearings and contouring were all skills practiced on the day in addition to map and compass work. Hill skills and keeping safe in the hills are taught in addition to navigation. Peak Navigation Courses have courses at varying levels from basic through intermediate and onto poor visibility and night time navigation. We also run courses on GPS navigation . Mike and Jane who run Peak Navigation Courses are qualified International Mountain Leaders and British rock climbing instructors.

Quality Day

A ‘Quality day” Peak Navigation Courses are running a series of " Quality Days " to enable competent navigators to log up experience (possibly with the aim of progressing towards their Mountain Leader or Walking Group Leader awards). Last Sunday’s Quality Day was a full on 8 hours of exacting navigation off path on Bleaklow one of the peak districts most difficult to navigate areas. In addition to difficult navigation, we also looked at crossing steep ground and a river crossing. On route we passed the site (Photo) in the Upper Alport Valley where 3 scouts perished in a blizzard, poignant. You don't have to be working towards a qualification to partake in the quality days, it helps if you know how to use a compass and must definitely be up for a full day out in the hills! If you are planning on visiting and walking in the Peak District,Jane and Mike from Peak Navigation Courses are happy to advise on conditions, route choice, navigation, equipment and hill skills,

Navigation Course

Introduction to Navigation Course 10th March 10 students from far and wide attended last weekend’s Introduction to Navigation Course with Peak Navigation Courses . The first hour and a half was spent in the classroom learning the basics about maps, contour lines, grid references and how to use a compass before setting out on a five hour walk to put it all into practice. It’s so good seeing the smiles on people faces when they find themselves “spot on” using the compass and pacing to hidden sheep folds and stone circles. Well done everyone! Jane and Mike from Peak Navigation Courses are always happy to answer your questions about navigation, hill skills and equipment, even if you don't book a course with us!

Learn Navigation

Peak Navigation Courses have been the first step for many people who come to us, learn navigation and hill skills, then go on and become qualified Mountain Leaders. We have recently come across this good article about someone attending a Mountain Leader training course Both Jane and Mike from Peak Navigation Courses are fully qualified International Mountain Leaders and British rock climbing instructors. There is a profile of Jane and Mike on the Website. Jane and Mike are always happy to answer your questions about navigation and hill skills. You could always book onto one of our courses !

Which Compass?

We have never stipulated which type of compass to bring along on one of our skills courses.  However recently a number of people have turned up with inappropriate compasses or even compasses that don’t work! Compasses without “orienting” lines in the middle compass housing make taking a bearing difficult or impossible.  We have even come across an imitation of a Silva type 4 (without a brand name) that pointed south instead of north! Compasses from reputable brands (Silva, Sunto, Recta, etc.) should do the job but for learning purposes a decent length of base plate and a range of measuring scales is helpful. The compass that we would choose is the Silva Expedition 4 (but make sure it’s not the military model). Shopping around (Amazon) you can get one for less than £20 and unless you are like me and shut one in the car door they will last many years! Peak Navigation Courses run navigation classes at all levels throughout the year based in the Peak District National