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Choosing a Navigation Course

Peak Navigation Courses, Which is the Right Course ForMe?
At Peak Navigation Courses we want you to have the best learning experience and select the right course so that you get the greatest benefit. Hopefully this Blog will answer your questions.  We run a range of stand alone courses in both traditional (map and compass) navigation and some 1:1 training to get you started with your GPS.
Additionally, our Introductory Course (1st Steps to Map Reading & Navigation) can be combined with our Intermediate Course (Moving onto Moorland) to become the Silver National Navigation Award.

Intoductory Course - 1st Steps to Map Reading & Navigation
Prior Experience.None required.
Classroom based with 2 short walks of 1.5 hours and 2 hours.
Terrain encountered. Paths, fields and some rough pasture on easy moorland.
On this course you will learn about: Maps, suitable maps for walkers, different scales of maps, what the maps tell us about the ground, how to use a map for navigation.
How to make a rout…