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Foreign Maps

BL***Y Foreign Maps Mike and Jane from Peak Navigation Courses spend the summer months guiding people in the mountains. This summer will see us in Spain’s Sierra Nevada, Swaziland, Mozambique, Scotland and Slovenia. As International Mountain Leaders we are trained and assessed at using all sorts of foreign maps.   We have a lot to be thankful for in the U.K. as our Ordnance Survey maps are perhaps the best in the world. It also makes navigation easier with good maps and makes for safer enjoyment in the mountains. Map extract - Spain's Sierra Nevada In the UK our maps show crags and rock features. This is especially useful as you wouldn’t want to take a line over a cliff.   The map above is from Spain’s Sierra Nevada.   From the contour lines it appears that these are nice rounded hills with no crags at all.    The cliffs at point A on the map The next pictures below show Jane climbing / scrambling at points A and B on the map! Not a hint of a crag on