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Choosing a compass to get the best out of your Peak Navigation Course

At Peak Navigation Courses , we pride ourselves in our compass navigation, getting a real thrill out of sharing map and compass navigation techniques with others Whether you are a complete beginner or joining one of our advanced navigation courses where we use the compass to cross Kinder Scout, choosing the best compass for you can be a real minefield. Go to one of the outdoor or online shops and you will find a sometimes bewildering array of different compasses, so which is best, and how do you choose? If you are a new hill walker, or never used a compass before, a cheaper model is often appealing.  You can pick a compass up from an online shop for a couple of pounds, but is it worth it? Highlander Summit As a starter compass, this may seem appealing, it is light, easy to carry and will point north. However the plastic base is very short, and lacks an arrow to show which direction you should walk - not one we would recommend. Vango DLX0 The Vango DLX is a reasonab