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Learn Map Reading and Navigation in The Peak District

Learn Map Reading and Navigation in The Peak District

Whether you are a seasoned walker, a complete novice or someone who has for years followed others, Peak Navigation Courses have a course for you!

For the past ten years we have been delivering training from our base in The Peak District and occasionally further afield in the mountains of Snowdonia and The Lake District.

1st Steps to Map Reading and Navigation
Entry Level:
Most people come for the one day 1st Steps to Map Reading and Navigation Course. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete novice or have some experience, this course starts with the very basics and leaves you able to cross easy open moorland using a compass. A great day out.

National Navigation Awards:
Some come to us wanting to gain an award under the National Navigation Awards Scheme. We highly recommend that adults can come straight in at Silver level not needing to have gained a Bronze Award first. This is a 2 day course and can be achieved either in a weekend or two days spread out over different weekends.  Day one follows our 1st Steps course and day 2 follows our Moving onto Moorland course (with a little additional homework).

Our "Moving onto Moorland Course" expands on the knowledge gained on the 1st Steps course with more detailed route planning and more precise “micro navigation” over some tougher more challenging terrain.

In the dark!
This course is designed to give you confidence should you be caught out in the mist or in darkness. It looks at the strategies required for crossing open moorland in poor visibility.  This course only runs in the winter months, usually 6.30pm until around 10pm.

Because there are now so many different GPS devices available, we now only run bespoke training on a 1:1 basis. Our 4 hour course covers the basics to help you understand your device; get you started navigating from point to point; and creating /down loading routes using the internet and following them.

Peak Navigation Courses also run more Advanced Navigation courses and Navigation Masterclasses.

Mike and Jane who run Peak Navigation Courses are both qualified International Mountain Leaders, details about them and their qualifications can be found on the Peak Navigation Courses Website.

Silva type 4 Compass