Silver National Navigation Award in a Weekend

Silver National Navigation Award in a Weekend

Learning to navigate in the snow
Peak Navigation Courses ran a Silver NNAS course over the Easter weekend for Natural Born Hikers, a “Meet Up” group from London. Ten students in total attended the weekend which was staffed by Jane, Mike and Steve from Peak Navigation Courses.  Normally the Silver NNAS is just a two day course but being Easter the course was extended so that after the Silver NNAS, we included a night / poor visibility navigation session on Big Moor and looked at some more advanced navigation techniques on Kinder Scout.

All ten students achieved the standard and had a great time.

Night Navigation on Big Moor
 Peak Navigation Courses have a programme of Navigation Courses, either 1 day or 2 day (NNAS) based in The Peak District throughout the year. Day courses are priced from £40 per person whilst the 2 day NNAS courses are £85 per person.

The courses run by Peak Navigation Courses are as follows:
1st Steps to Map Reading and Navigation
A course designed for beginners who will mainly be walking through fields or easy moorland.

An Introduction to Moorland Navigation
Although a basic course, spends less time in the class room and fields and concentrates more on moorland walking. Suitable for fit beginners.

Improvers / Intermediate Navigation
Suitable for those who already know the basics of navigating using a compass but introduces more advanced techniques on difficult moorland and steep terrain. Pacing, timing, contouring; finding 5 obscure aircraft wrecks on Kinder Scout.

Night / Poor Visibility Navigation
This course is designed to give you confidence should you be caught out in poor visibility or after dark. It looks at and practices the various strategies useful in poor visibility. To get the best out of this course it is best coming already knowing how to use a map and compass.

Navigation Masterclass / Quality Day
These are days for experienced navigators who want to be involved in planning and navigating around challenging courses helping to refine and develop their navigation skills.

National Navigation Awards
The Bronze training and assessment is a two day course based from the village of Foolow. The two days can be consecutive or spaced out over different weekends. Day one being our 1st Steps to map reading and navigation course but day two being a newly devised day specific to the bronze syllabus and allowing time for assessment.
The Silver training and assessment will follow our Introduction to Moorland Navigation (based from Foolow) and Intermediate Navigation (on Kinder Scout), though there will be a formal route planning exercise introduced for NNAS candidates which is currently not compulsory for people attending the Intermediate course.
Mike and Jane who run Peak Navigation Courses are both qualified International Mountain Leaders.

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