Hill Skills Courses in The Peak District

Learning Hill Skills on Eyam Moor
Hill Skills will be run at weekends from our base in The Peak District, the weekends of 17th & 18th May  and  18th & 19th October. These are non-residential courses and cost £85, (though in addition you will need to register with Mountain Training for an additional cost of £20).

The Hill Skills Course will teach you:  To read a map and navigate;  How to Plan a Walk;
About equipment and clothing for hill walking;  The effects of weather in the hills;
About the upland environment;  and  How to deal with emergencies.

Learning Navigation
Day 1            Saturday
We meet at 9.30am in the village of Foolow, using the village hall as our base for the day.

After a short indoor session learning about maps and navigation we go out for a walk practising map reading and navigation techniques and relating the map to features on the ground. 

A working lunch back in the village hall where we plan our route for the afternoon, which takes us across open moorland navigating using a compass and pacing distances.

Returning to the village hall, we finish with a session about clothing, equipment, weather, and emergencies and plan our route for the next day.

We expect to finish around 6pm.

Learning to move safely on steeper ground
Day 2  Sunday
Having already planned our route, we meet near Edale at 9.30am for the start of a full day out on Peak District Moorland.  You will be involved in both the navigation and route choices.

During the day we will talk about the moorland environment, work being done in the Peak District to preserve this and how hill walkers can minimise their impact.

We expect to finish after a final "de-brief" around 5pm.

Silva "Expedition 4" Compass

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